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After running some tests on testnet, I believe I may have an answer for you.

When the withdrawal is attempted, the plugin must do an RPC call to the wallet. The wallet then proceeds to sign the transaction, and then responds to the plugin with a TXID.

In my tests, transaction signing took too long (longer than 30 sec in one instance) and therefore the WordPress thread that waited for the TXID died before it could get it and save it to the DB.

Of course whether this happens will depend a lot on what network you’re running on (mainnet might be even slower than testnet) and will also depend on your server and possibly disk seek speed (mechanical vs SSD). In any case, this is what I observed.

You can go to the coin adapter settings and set the max HTTP timeout to 60, or even 120 seconds (default is 30). You would also have to increase the PHP timeout and all other server timeouts so that your WordPress request runs more than 30 seconds, too. I believe if you do increase the limits to 1 or 2 minutes (60 to 120 seconds), monero withdrawals will be processed correctly.

I also noticed a bug that I will be fixing soon, in the coin adapter settings, if you leave the password field blank and hit save, the password is deleted from the db, so if you go there and change the HTTP timeout, you’ll have to reenter your password at this time.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you had success with this method or not.

with regards