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I hadn’t understood yesterday that this was a withdrawal, I thought it was a deposit. Answering to your posts in order:

As you may or may not know, the plugin cannot “withdraw” to an address that is also a deposit address for another user. For this reason, if it detects such a situation, it does an internal off-chain transfer instead. I’m not sure if this is what you were trying to do. Since your transaction appeared on the blockchain, this was likely not the case.

You are correct that you should be testing in an integration server before letting actual users use a feature. Even if I never make any mistakes (and I do), there can always be issues with integration.

It sounds like the deposit addresses were not consistent. If by recreating user addresses part of the issue was fixed, that’s good news.

The error Error calling gettransactions daemon RPC: r 1, status <error> is not something I know about. I quickly googled the error. Other users are getting the same error when they use older clients. Are you on Monero 0.17? I am testing with the 0.17 release, built from commit-ish 25670398b.

Yes, I am working on a complete rewrite of the entire codebase, partly because I want to move to more rigorous unit, and integration, testing. This is an effort I started on August and will likely take until the coming summer. Hopefully after this, there will be much less issues/defects. Before the next bullrun the plugin will definitely be ready for sustainable growth in quality and in its user base. If you have questions about this transition, you can post them at the migration forum.

Yesterday I had the Monero testnet chain fully synced, and today I will test again withdrawals on the Monero adapter. I will look for any situation where a withdrawal is executed without that fact being reflected in the plugin’s ledger. I will get back to you.

Please confirm that you are using Monero v0.17.