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@LeinAd I understand now, thank you.

You would like to add a button to the deposit-list template, that displays deposit QR codes on a popup. What you are describing would require development, especially the part about popups.

If you are serious about this, start by copying over templates/deposit-list.php into your theme as described here. Then, you’d need to:
1. add a now column with the button
2. capture the button click event
3. create a popup somehow
4. in that popup, render the qr code

If you want to study the code that renders qr codes, it’s here: https://github.com/dashed-slug/wallets/blob/5.0.12/assets/scripts/wallets-ko.js#L286-L322

Essentially you want to render the qrcode_uri of each coin into your popup element. So, very roughly, something like:

$('.button','.dashed-slug-wallets.deposit-list' ).click(
	function() {

		var coin = self.selectedCryptoCoin();
		if ( 'object' == typeof( coins[ coin ] ) ) {

			// choose to render qrcode_uri if specified, or deposit address string otherwise
			var qrcode_uri = false;
			if ( 'string' == typeof( coins[ coin ].deposit_address_qrcode_uri ) ) {
				qrcode_uri = coins[ coin ].deposit_address_qrcode_uri;
			} else if ( 'string' == typeof( coins[ coin ].deposit_address ) ) {
				qrcode_uri = coins[ coin ].deposit_address;
			// TODO create/display a popup somehow

			var $popup = $('#popup');
			$popup.qrcode( {
				width: $popup.width(),
				height: $popup.height(),
				text: qrcode_uri
			} );

I haven’t tested this, but hopefully you get the general idea. If you want to see the API docs for the qr code library, it’s here:


Hope this helps.

with regards