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Not directly. The market stats are available to the user via the [wallets_exchange_market] UI and are embedded into the table.

However, the “high” and “low” values are only relevant with respect to a particular time interval. If you need access to the price data for the current market, you can find it in the JavaScript object wp.wallets.viewModels.walletsExchange.marketHistory().

To get the prices sorted in an array, first do:

let prices = wp.wallets.viewModels.walletsExchange.marketHistory().map( function( p) { return parseFloat(p.rate); } ).sort();

Then, the lowest price within the loaded timerange is the first element in the array:

let low = prices[0];

And the highest price in the loaded timerange, is, conversely, the last element in the array:

let high = prices[ prices.length – 1 ];

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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