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Reply To: Invalid number of decimals in deposits

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I can confirm that adding the following code:

function wallets_turtlecoin_adapter_filter( $coins ) {
    $coins['ARMS']['amount pattern'] = '%01.8f';
    $coins['ARMS']['decimals'] = 8;

    error_log(print_r( $coins, true ));
    return $coins;
add_filter( 'wallets_turtle_coins', 'wallets_turtlecoin_adapter_filter' );

1. The method gets called
2. The $coins variable does get changed, based on the debug.log output.
3. The change has NO effect on the decimal placement that gets inserted into the database.

The only way to make it work at the moment is to change the following code from a 2 to an 8:

public function get_decimal_places() {
     return 8;

I think that you have a bug in your code that causes it to only use what this function outputs, I’m going to try to bring my wallets back up on my site using this fix. Do you mind double checking your code to see if that is the case for me when you get a chance?