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The place where you have placed the hook displays all transactions related to your wallet file, not only transactions related to your WordPress installation. After the wallets_transactions action fires, the plugin will determine whether to save the transaction to the DB or not, based on the deposit addresses.

Please post in new threads for things that are unrelated to the original issue, i.e. the number of decimals.

I do not communicate over signal or any other messaging app. This helps keep communication clear and also it allows me to work on development. Additionally, I cannot solve your issues remotely.

To summarize:
You have already managed once to modify the number of decimals.

If you start from the unmodified code of version 0.1.2-beta, then fiddle with the number of decimals, you should be able to resolve the original issue. If you have any other questions on how the code works, please open as many new threads as needed.

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