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Ok, so I think I might have found something. If I dump the results of all the transactions… as seen in your code. I have some transactions from the other wallet…

The address: “gunsLxp8FSQ3eU4Frhutze3QrE4acGM5LDiW5AFWc7mHSTDFnpht7oce9PzmJxJycs1SKG1aC8dvUgUBs2XSQkv29RE9d9Gs46” as seen in the screenshot is an address that was generated on the old wallet by a friend of mine, the amount is deposited by our pool. As you can see she is currently mining… and number 3.


Why would this be showing up in the new wallets transactions? They are not being inserted into the database and the address does not exist any longer in wp_wallets_adds.

It is showing up in the transactions though… as seen in the screenshots.

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