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Reply To: Invalid Created Times showing up in the transactions

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Thank you for your kind words.

The reason I insist on not modifying the code is simply so we know what we’re doing. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind.

I was like you when I finished my uni studies but then I worked at a big software company where I learned some simple engineering principles that they don’t teach you in uni. Such as taking small steps, and knowing exactly what you do on each step, which is the way of professionals.

The main mistake you’re making is that you are editing more than one thing at a time.
1. Always work on one issue at a time.
2. Always have a ticket or other working area where you collect all information about this particular issue.
3. Always start from clean code, then find the one thing that you need to change to fix a bug.
4. Always make changes only after understanding what went wrong.
5. Do not be quick to code. Only code if you really have to.

If you don’t do this then you’re not a software engineer, you’re just a hacker and you will experience regressions in your defects. i.e. you’ll think that you’ve fixed something and then it will break again. It’s really a shame that they don’t teach you these things in university.

The code should work as is. The plugin passes the timestamp to MySQL and the DB server knows how to convert it to date.

So, observe and describe the issue on clean code. Use var_dump if you have to. You can also use error_log( print_r( $array, true ) ); to write the contents of $array to your logs. Once you spot the problem, only then you can know if you have to change the code.

with regards