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Unfortunately right now you do not know what was wrong and what you have fixed.

The hard coded value is actually being overridden. Check the code in wallets_declare_adapters() to see why. The class Dashed_Slug_Wallets_Coin_Adapter_TurtleCoin is abstract. Its concrete implementations are being eval()‘ed. There is a get_decimals() function in file wallets-turtlecoin.php, line number 133.

To fix the decimals issue, first ensure that you are using the code as released. Starting from that, see what you can do to change the coin data, NOT the code. This is why I suggested that you try editing the file coins.csv and edit the number of decimals. Because th

If you leave this fix in, then you will again have problems when I release a new version of the adapter.

So first ensure that you have a clean copy of 0.1.2-beta, then see how you can modify the decimals column in coins.csv to get the correct number.

with regards

with regards