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Reply To: Invalid number of decimals in deposits

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OK again, this is an unrelated issue to the decimals issue.

1. What do you mean by wp-cli not letting you delete the transient? What was the error?

2. Have you disabled the object cache you were using (memcached)?

3. If after scanning the transactions, none were imported, could this be because you have deleted the deposit addresses table? The scan will only insert transactions if the deposit addresses are associated with users. The plugin will not simply import any transactions it sees, because it doesn’t know if they belong to a user or not, unless there’s a mapping in the wp_wallets_adds table (i.e. only deposits to user deposit addresses will be found).

In any case, here’s a summary of what I think:

You’re trying out too many things at once. It’s impossible to know what’s wrong. Start out with a fresh wp installation, with a standard theme and no other plugins and no object cache, and with a fresh 2acoin/ARMS wallet, and see if that works. I have tested the adapter with TurtleCoin deposits and withdrawals and it works fine, so it should work fine for you too.

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