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You bring up a valid point.

1. Since there is now a proper templating system, I intend to create new templates that output the raw values for things like the currenct balance. Unfortunately this is not possible for more complex output, like the list of past transactions, which has to be a table in one way or another. I will let you know on this thread when I implement this.

2. You are correct that you need to know some CSS. However, if you do not, then I would argue that this is a problem. On the one hand, themes will never be similar in terms of CSS, so I can’t provide one set of rules that works every time. And on the other hand, how are you going to offer a website that handles peoples money if you are not a web developer? The plugin and its extensions are aimed at developers. If you wish to learn CSS, start by learning the selectors, then go on to read about selector specificity. Unfortunately there’s no way around this.

3. It’s a good idea for me to look into providing editor blocks (I will not be looking into Elementor specifically, only WordPress Gutenrberg blocks). As I am currently very busy, I cannot undertake any new development at the moment. This should not be a big problem, since you can always enter shortcodes as blocks.

4. The data is also available in its raw form. Look into the JSON-API for details.

5. It’s not true that there are no classes to differentiate between deposits and withdrawals. The selectors are .dashed-slug-wallets.withdraw and .dashed-slug-wallets.deposit. Use these to focus your rules on one form or the other.

In conclusion, please learn some CSS because it’s impossible for me to provide a set or rules that works for everyone everytime, and because you want to know this if you are building websites. I will notify you again here when I release shortcode templates with plain value outputs.

with regards