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OK this is an improvement, since you are now seeing the error. You may need to add a cache exclusion on your faucet page.

What did you disable to make it work?

Additionally, there is now no JavaScript error. If you haven’t changed anything else, then this was caused by your minifier, improperly concatenating assets.

I logged in and tried again. I get “CAPTCHA solved incorrectly.” with the SolveMedia captcha. I noticed that you’ve removed the Google reCAPTCHA. Did you try again with reCAPTCHA? Also, can you try entering again your SolveMedia keys? Ensure that there are no leading or trailing spaces in your secret strings.

Summary: 1) does reCAPTCHA work? 2) did you check the secret keys again? 3) do the secrets have any leading/trailing spaces? 4) What did you disable? Cloudflare? Some other plugins?

Let me know what you tried and what happened and we’ll take it from there.