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Reply To: Incompatibility of QR code libraries with 2FA plugin

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I’m very well, hope you are well too.

Thank you for spotting this regression. I have been able to reproduce the issue and find a fix.

The previous fix in version 4.3.1 was to only load the plugin’s qr code library if it was needed on the current page. This way, assuming you are not using the shortcodes [wallets_deposit] and [twofactor_user_settings] in the same page, the issue would not arise.

Some performance enhancements were added in 5.0.0, including lazy-loading the QR code library. The library is now registered always but only enqueued if needed. This causes the current issue, because the wallets plugin always registers (and therefore overrides) the library used by the 2FA plugin.

I have already accumulated some minor fixes on version 5.0.0 on several issues. I plan to release a patch to the plugin very soon, possibly today or tomorrow, where this issue is fixed. I will post again here when this is out. Until then, you can either revert to version 4.4.8 of wallets, or disable QR codes from the frontend settings.

I will notify you again here when this is out, and there will be an announcement on facebook and twitter as with all releases.

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