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If you prefer, you can pay via cryptocurrencies. Please do the following:

1. Select the membership plan that you want from https://www.dashed-slug.net/dashed-slug/membership-plans/

2. Send the equivalent of the USD amount to one of the following addresses (DOGE has the lowest fees I believe)

Bitcoin Address: 1DaShEDyeAwEc4snWq14hz5EBQXeHrVBxy
DOGE Address: DASHEDj9RrTzQoJvP3WC48cFzUerKcYxHc
LTC Address: LdaShEdER2UuhMPvv33ttDPu89mVgu4Arf

3. Email me with your selection of membership plan, the TXID and the email you used to sign up.

I will then activate your membership manually.

with regards