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Hi Alex,

I do really appreciate your hard working.

The solution seems correct for me if the vendor has selected crpytogateway for its commsions disbursals. For purely fiatpaymnts there is the directbank transfer option, which I hope it will not be in conflict with this future implementation.

“…If the cart was not paid with a cryptocurrency…”, this ideally should consider any payment done with card, strpe, pypal…

If the admin has to choose the default crptocurrncy for conversions in order to pay commssions, what exchange rate would apply? a spot rate at the date of disbursal, or the spot rate at the order date? because in case of high volatility it would be not ideal for vendors.

Another question that comme to my mind, what if I choosed a cstom internal coin/pont, how to implement the exchnge rate?

Please keep me posted

Thank you Alex as usual

Best regards