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I understand your point Alex. It is just taht I am a fanatic about security and quality support and I was thinking about worst scenarios.

Imagine that someone fixes an eye on you and your business, and wants to steal you, he can do it anywhere with the only requirment of having you (as admin with the capability) in front of you, so you are vulnerable, the only thing needed in this case is connecting a hardware wllet for example and proceed to the storage.

According to this scenario, just a simple solution example I am having now. It is possible to give for a Super Admin role the capability of adding whitelisted IP’s for cold storaging? In case a super admin performs a cold sotrage process from a non whitelisted IP, an e-mail confirmation is sent both to the Super Admin and the Admin assigned for the whitelisted IP.

I think it is essential to ensure costumers, so if I am subcontracting a security company for this, the customers should be more confident.

The security in this case I thing it is really strenghted and more serious, don’t you think?