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It doesn’t look like you are following the right guide. The guide you have installs an outdated version of bitcoin by building from source. Even if you had run the code with the correct permissions, you would likely end up with library incompatibilities.

You should first install Bitcoin with whatever way is recommended for your distribution. This is probably via some package manager. If you insist on building from source, follow this guide instead: https://bitcoin.org/en/full-node#linux-instructions

Additionally, it does not look like you understand the commands you’re typing. (You should really have someone more experienced do this.) If you simply copy and paste commands without knowing what they do, you will

1. make mistakes, as every system is different,
2. not be able to maintain the system later, and
3. have a hard time setting bitcoin as a service

Also, you are getting errors when you type ‘sudo’ or ‘su’. Do you have root access or is this a managed platform? You need to be able to escalate to root in order to install programs.

So, in conclusion, if you want to go forward:

1. Determine the type of distro you’re using and follow the correct guide to install bitcoin via your package manager. This ensures that the linked libraries are the correct versions for your system and architecture.
2. Set up bitcoin as a service. For example, on distros with systemd, you can create a file /etc/systemd/system/bitcoin.service, and enter something like the following (changing the username and the path as needed)

Description=Bitcoin wallet service



Then, let systemd discover the new service with sudo systemctl enable bitcoin.

And finally make sure the service is active with sudo service bitcoin start and sudo service bitcoin status.

3. Setup bitcoin.conf as suggested by the notices in the WordPress admin screen.

4. Check any firewalls running on your system (such as ufw) for incoming TCP connections to your RCP port (should be the same port as specified in the .conf file)

5. If you are getting timeouts and/or connectivity issues, now is the time to talk to your hosting provider about firewalls.

This is roughly the process. Let me know how far you’ve got and what errors you get if you attempt the above.

with regards