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Reply To: Moved: deposit address not displayed



Thank you for all the feedback.

Both of the errors you report are a consequence of there not being a deposit address. The first indicates that the frontend cannot operate without a deposit address, the second error comes from the database and is about the same thing.

1. The code I sent you should print out something else as well. Are there any lines starting with “ADDRESS1” or “ADDRESS2” in your logs? These should be written out when you load the page (i.e. when the get_coins_info JSON API is called. Are these found in your logs?

2. It seems that for some reason the connection to the wallet does not return an address, even though you say that getnewaddress works from the command line. Check the adapters screen. Is the status of your full node wallet “Responding”?

3. Is the wallet running on the same server as WordPress? If not, have you managed to connect successfully? If there are firewalls in the middle you would get slow connection and/or timeouts.

4. If you can point me to the git repo for this wallet I might be able to test it myself, although the problem is probably with your network setup.

with regards