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Reply To: Moved: deposit address not displayed


Plugin version 3.9.2
Git SHA 16b59612
Web Server Apache
PHP version 7.0.33
WordPress version 5.0.2
MySQL version 5.6.42-cll-lve
DB prefix wpp2_
Is multisite false
Is network activated false
PHP max execution time 1200
Constant ‘WP_DEBUG’ false
Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’ false
Constant ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’ true
Constant ‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’ n/a
Constant ‘DSWALLETS_FILE’ /home/mitienda/diners.ltda/wp-content/plugins/wallets/wallets.php
PHP Extension ‘curl’ Loaded
PHP Extension ‘mbstring’ Loaded
PHP Extension ‘zlib’ Loaded
Active wallets extensions wallets-airdrop 1.1.0, wallets-faucet 1.4.4, wallets-blockio 2.2.3, wallets-cp 1.0.7, wallets-multiadapter 1.0.5
Network-active wallets extensions n/a

Hi, thank you for you answer.

1. Are you using the Full Node Multi Coin Adapter to connect to your wallet? Yes

2. Are you using the latest version of the plugin? The latest version currently is 3.9.2. And it is

3. Have you modified the plugin’s code in any way? Do not

4. When you visit Wallets -> Deposit addresses, do you see any deposit addresses listed for your coin? The addresses of other currencies appear, but Diners, which is what I want to appear, does not appear.

5. If possible, can you enable WordPress debugging and see if there are any errors written out to the debug.log file when you visit the get_coins_info url? No error appears

To give you some context, the JSON API appends the deposit_address field to the coin information here: https://github.com/dashed-slug/wallets/blob/3.9.2/includes/json-api.php#L985-L991

I do not understand what file I have to modify to include in deposit_address, if you can indicate where I should start copying and where I finish copying, and where I have to enter the data, in what file, I appreciate it.