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We also have noticed a error on coinpayments wallet that is connected to wallet on our wordpress main wallet.

The sufficient amount that has been paid out to 32 users in the airdrop – was sent from our tron wallet (desktop client) to our main account on website. Landed on our coinpayments account and credit to our tron wallet on coinpayments. However it never was sent to our “wordpress main wallet and showed on the main user there” ..

The airdrop was done – credited 32 users with 2000 tron to each user – instead of sharing 2000 tron between 32 users.

How can we correct this – ever user has now 2000 tron – instead of 32/2000 = 62.5 tron

How do we roll back – correct the users wallet.
How do we make sure the correct amount (2000 tron) is sent to our main WordPress wallet.

Kind regards