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Reply To: Problems with 'restrict the number of claims per ip'

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Problem 1:

To be clear, can you please confirm this?

1. The parent plugin, Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets, is network-activated on your multisite install?

2. You have installed and activated the Faucet extension on a single site? This should normally not be possible.

Perhaps you have also single-activated the parent plugin. You should not be able to see the Faucets menu item. Your wallets menu item should be under network settings.

Try deactivating the parent plugin from the network menu, and then see if the plugin is also activated on your single site admin screens. This is not a valid configuration.

Problem 2:

The time limits are based on WordPress transients. In some server configurations it seems like WordPress transients do not expire, and I am currently trying to determine why. This does not appear to be a problem with the plugin, but might be a misconfiguration of the server’s object cache. Unfortunately I do not currently know more about this. But your problem could also be caused by having the faucet extension activated on a single site while the parent plugin is network-active. We must first resolve problem 1 before addressing problem

In general, you can install the parent plugin network-wide and then do the same with the faucet extension. You can install the faucet extension at the network level and then only use the faucet shortcodes on the sites where you need it.

kind regards