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Reply To: Eur deposit


It does! thank you for your explanation.

Sorry I posted the wrong link:


As you can see, there are already fiat tokens on the coinpaiments api/website:

Canadian Dollar = CAD.Bluzelle
Euro = EUR.Bitstamp
British Pound = GBP.Bitstamp
United States Dollar = USD.Bitstamp

You already support “Canadian Dollar (CAD.Bluzelle)” in the coin options of this adapter.

Why isn’t EUR.Bitstamp / GBP.Bitstamp / USD.Bitstamp be supported?
Does the coinpayments api won’t let you create a wallet for them?

I thought 1CAD is = 1 CAD.Bluzelle – is that not correct? couldn’t find infos about it.

So this way a fiat could be easily deposit in an individual wallet in an easy way.

Only need a paypal buy option for these tokens then.


Option 2:

1. wallet plugin + coinpayments adapter is installed.

2. Install the plugin https://mycred.me/

3. Create own USD token with mycred (only usable on your page)

4. User buys USD token on your site (you keep the $ on paypal account)

5. user can exchange tokens as wanted to other coins (here needs some work to be done that pays the exchange from the deposit paypal account and reduces it from the user tokens at the same time)