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OK sounds like you could be doing something wrong.

There are three places where you can enter a blockexplorer url:

1. When you extend the Dashed_Slug_Coin_Adapter class to create your own coin adapter from scratch, you can override the methods explorer_uri_transaction() and explorer_uri_address(). You can use the method get_symbol() to constuct your URI based on the actual symbol of the instance. You could define an abstract subclass that returns something like 'https://chainz.cryptoid.info/' . $this->get_symbol() . '/tx.dws?%s' and then not have to worry about this in any concrete implementations for each coin you instantiate.

2. You can provide a URI by binding to the filter: wallets_explorer_uri_tx_XXX or the filter: wallets_explorer_uri_add_XXX where XXX is a coin symbol. In this case you have no choice – you have to use the XXX symbol in your URI pattern since it is already part of the filter you are binding to.

3. In the MultiAdapter’s coins.csv file. Again, in this file every line is its own coin, so again you have to use the coin symbol as part of the URI.

Hope this is clearer. I do not want to change the URI pattern, because that would break things. I am confused by what you mentioned “My service supports multiple coins but I only have one notification” Block explorer URIs have nothing to do with the notification mechanism. If you insist that none of the above solutions work for you, could you please explain why in more detail?

Thank you very much

kind regards