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Reply To: Shortcode to take amount of user deposition


About the issue with the missing deposit: It seems the IPN message was delivered to the plugin. Therefore there should be a deposit transaction in your AdminTransactions screen. Can you open up the details of the IPN message and verify that there is no error message? Also, can you confirm that the deposit address associated with the IPN message is bound to a user? You can do a SELECT * FROM wp_wallets_adds WHERE address=’ADDRESS’;to make sure, substitutingADDRESSwith the actual address andwp_` with your actual SQL table prefix.

About your other question, this is not how this plugin works. If you insist on doing this, you could look at WordPress actions in PHP in the documentation section Notifications. You can essentially be notified of incoming deposits by binding to the wallets_deposit action, with something like:

	public function my_action_deposit( $data ) {
		error_log( 'Received deposit with details: ', print_r( $data, true ) );
		// TODO insert your logic here

	add_action( 'wallets_deposit', 'my_action_deposit' );

In the hook’s callback you can do all sorts of checks if you wish. Then you can initiate an internal transfer to another user, such as an admin, using the PHP API move action:

	$args = array( ... ); // TODO insert details of transaction here
	do_action( 'wallets_api_move', $args );

Hope this helps.

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