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Thanks for your kind words.

1) The plugin does not directly interface with an Ethereum wallet, but if you use the CoinPayments cloud wallet adapter then Ethereum is available as an option. I had previously indicated that I would support ERC20 tokens with a coin adapter, but it turns out that there is no straightforward way to do this. The reason is that the plugin works best with coins that follow Bitcoin’s UTXO model, rather than Ethereum’s account model. So the answer is no, ether based coins are not supported.

2) Thanks but unfortunately I do not undertake custom projects, as detailed in the FAQ.

3) If you wish to use the plugin without installing any full nodes, this is what the cloud wallet adapters are for. The downside is that you rely on a third party service. But this solution is considerably easier from a technical perspective to install and maintain, and also requires a lot less hardware resources. Currently the cloud wallets available are the block.io adapter and the CoinPayments adapter, both freely available to subscribers of this site.

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