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Hello. This is a different error than before. It looks like progress.

Have you checked the firewalls of the server where litd is installed?

If this page does not load immediately, but takes a few seconds to load, then it’s possible that there is a timeout, which is usually due to firewalls.

First determine what firewalls, if any, are active, both on your server and by your hosting provider.

If your litd/lnd is on a rented server, you may also ask for support from the hosting provider about this. They may be running a firewall protecting all their hosts by default.

The TCP port 8080 must be reachable from your WordPress machine.

If you are still stuck after this, please contact me via email. You can email me credentials (username/password) so I can login to your WordPress site and check.

Alternatively, you can check the error logs (PHP error logs, wordpress logs) for any details.

Please check for any firewalls and let me know.

with regards