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Reply To: Gas question


Hi Alex, really appreciate your support!
Thanks for your answer and I’m clear now!
Just for your information, I finally made up my solution after checking several service providers and a lot of famous coins/tokens.
bnb.bsc is the only best option.
your coinpayments adapter – users can generate their own bnb.bsc addresses to receive bnb.
swipelux.com – users can buy bnb.bsc via credit/debit card.
localcoinswap.com – buy and sell bnb.bsc via local currency without KYC. It means users can get bnb.bsc straightforwardly.
Looks like bnb.bsc is the only token which can be used as native one, its gas fee is also using bnb.bsc. And bnb.bsc has fast transaction speed(within 2mins) and very low transaction fee(0.001bnb about value of 0.2usd).