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From the title of the transaction in the screenshot, it looks like you have selected to transfer “Addresses and Balances” only, not “Addresses and Transactions”.

In this mode, the migration will look at each user’s balance and create a new deposit, giving to the user the balance that they had in the old ledger. The transactions are not migrated. This is the recommended way because the time this takes scales with the number of users on your system, not with the number of transactions. The obvious downside to this is that transaction history is not preserved.

If it is important for you to preserve all the transactions, you can:

1. Revert the migration. This will remove all Currencies, Addresses and Transactions with the migrated tag, effectively letting you start again. Reverting will take a few cron runs, but not too many.
2. Ensure that all the currencies are created. The migration process will try to guess currencies by their ticker symbol, but it’s better if you do it manually so that there won’t be any problems. Also, if you are using any currencies that are not on CoinGecko, then you should definitely define them yourself.
3. Finally choose to migrate “Addresses and transactions” instead. This will take longer. It is also possible that some transactions may not be migrated for whatever reason, in which case all the admins (users with the manage_wallets capability) will receive emails about these transactions.

For more information, please check the documentation: https://github.com/dashed-slug/wallets/blob/6.0.0/docs/migration.md#which-one

If, while migrating transactions, you do get any errors in your emails, please let me know, so we can see what’s wrong.

If, after all transactions are migrated, the sums of user balances on the old custom SQL ledger and on the new CPT ledger will be the same, then migration was successful.

Hope this makes things a little more clear. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

with regards,