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I have tested the faucet again using settings like those in the above screenshot, and the payout was correct on my end.

Can you please show me the Currency page for Dogecoin?

At a minimum please check the following:

1. Under “Decimal places” you should have 8.

2. Under “Exchange rates”, next to EUR, you should have a value close to 0.084 currently, based on recent prices.

3. Under “CoinGecko ID”, you should write dogecoin, which is the CoinGecko ID for dogecoin. This will allow the latest exchange rates to be updated for dogecoin.

4. Please check if the cron jobs are running. If you go to DashboardBitcoin & Altcoin WalletsDebugCron jobs last ran on, the time shown there should be recent. That is the last time the exchange rates were updated.

The exchange rates come from CoinGecko.

If you believe everything to be correct on your end, and the payout is still wrong, you can email me some credentials and I can log in to your site and check.

with regards,