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Reply To: Percentage fee is no longer possible?



This may be a valid point, but I’m not sure.

To be clear, when a user sends an amount to their deposit address, say 100 coins, CoinPayments retains 0.5% (A fee of 1% applies for tokens.). So the user would receive in this case 99.5 coins in their balance.

The plugin’s ledger would show an incoming deposit of 99.5 and a fee of 0.5 (the fee is paid to CoinPayments, not the WordPress site).

When the user later decides to withdraw the 99.5 coins, they will have to pay a withdrawal fee, which will cover the mining expenses. This fee is not proportional to the amount transacted, so there is no need for it to be a percentage.

With the change to wallets 6.0.0, I have moved the fee settings from the adapter’s settings to the currency settings. The proportional fee was confusing to many users so I didn’t think it was necessary to re-implement it.

Why do you think it’s necessary for the withdrawal fee to be proportional to the amount transacted? I don’t see how the site can lose funds. The “withdrawal fee” should cover the mining fee, which is unrelated to the amount transacted.

Please let me know your reasoning, because implementing a proportional fee is doable, but it’s something that has confused users in the past, and it would require significant effort, so I’m trying to understand the use case.

Thank you

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