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First, it’s great to hear that the CP currencies are being created without issues for you!

The shortcodes do not display only the online currencies, but all the currencies defined on your system. If you don’t want a currency listed, you should disable/unselect it in CoinPayments, and delete it from the Currencies list. The cron task only creates the currencies that it sees selected in your CoinPayments account.

This was a feature request. People were asking me if it was possible to do internal transactions with offline wallets. Now the shortcodes list all currencies, even if their wallets are offline, or even if they are not attached to wallets. (Obviously, a currency without an online wallet will not be able to perform deposits/withdrawals, but everything else should work.)

The [wallets_balance] shortcode never displayed only the currencies with a balance. It previously displayed only online currencies. Now it displays all currencies.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions about the release. I am very interested in your feedback, especially regarding any defects/issues.

with regards