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Thanks for coming back to me Alex, ok so I have made some progress.

1) downloaded and installed coinpayments 2
2) linked all API pin/secrets/id’s.
3) edited wallets to enable coinpayments – verified connection with logs in coinpayments, all ok.
4) created a page that shows the following short code [wallets_balance]
5) navigated to the page and it says, ‘no coin in selected’. I have assigned two coins in both coinpayments and my Admin Wallet. So that works.

My question is do I need to enable a default coin in new page like I did with the old plugin to see the coin balances for that specific user?

Maybe I am missing something to see the balances against the enabled – ‘currencies’ in the ‘wallets’ to which they are assigned?

Thanks for the help previously.

Kind Regards