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You’re not joking when you say it’s bad. It’s kinda horrible and I was just like ‘oh s**t’ when I saw it. That do_action call is going to work perfect, I just built a rpc function to let me call it by RPC which works better than trying to do more SQL lol (hasn’t tested yet tho). Thank you very much for your help, you’re a G bro.

The gaming service I have been debating because I built my own encryption method that takes a String to convert it to a Int based on a ‘Key file’ than run that Int into a ‘Equation file’ that will contain different types of math to either encrypt the Int or to decrypt it for the String so the issue I kinda have is if you never routinely modified your files than it would be possible for someone to have programs to read incoming and outgoing data and maybe taking 2 years could figure out some or all of how your encryption is done based on certain words. I was thinking about at first offering a service that you would run a new python file in the background that contains your database information and game cloud data you could want and have clients to use my master so that encryption would be routinely (daily) changed by AI so ‘Hello World’ would have a different value everyday based on every ‘Key File’ ‘Equation File’ pair possible than at some point testing a new python script that would act like it’s own master but could use the same keys on my official master.

I got it working as I bought a half made City Builder (Clash of Clans style) and have been able to login/register users AND setup key based value saving to a database which is used in c# like “BAServiceController.GetValue(“KEY NAME HERE”);” which would return the value of the information stored under that key through html which could have the encryption turned off or on based on if that information needs to be kept hidden but I don’t currently encrypt anything besides the user information because I don’t care if people see the json structure of the game I bought to test with, with a change of a variable tho it would encrypt when sending.