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Normally the hot wallet balance should be updated after 30 seconds at most. The same hot wallet balance should be shown in the Cold Storage screens and in the Adapters list screen.

For coin with ticker symbol XYZ, the hot wallet balance is cached for 30 seconds in the transient wallets_get_balance_XYZ. So, for bitcoin, the hot wallet balance will be cached in wallets_get_balance_BTC.

After 30 seconds the transient will expire, and the new value will be read from the wallet and shown again.

Unfortunately some server cache plugins, when not correctly configured, fail to expire transients as specified by the WordPress API. To verify that this is the problem with your setup, go enable the checkbox at WalletsFrontend SettingsDisable transients (debug) and hit “Save Changes”. This issue will cause problems with other plugins as well.

Do this only to verify that this is the problem. Your site will become slow if you leave this setting on.

After you verify that the problem is related to your caching plugin, check its settings again. For example, if you’ve enabled memcached support but you don’t have a memcached server, this could happen. I’m sorry but I don’t know under which specific conditions caching plugins do this. I only know that, when you delegate transients to caching plugins, then WordPress is no longer responsible for expiring transients, but delegates this to whatever mechanism you’re using.

I’ve tried to address this issue better in the upcoming wallets6 plugin.

with regards