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Hello @dynamitemedia,

Any address that is not a registered deposit address can be used to increase the hot wallet balance.

The plugin checks all incoming transactions to the wallet. If a deposit address is associated with a user, the transaction debits the user balance. If not, the plugin ignores the transaction, and therefore it only increases the hot wallet balance.

To get the plugin’s cold storage deposit address, you can read it from an option. For example, to get the plugin’s Bitcoin cold storage deposit address: get_option('wallets_cs_address_BTC');

To create a new wallet address communicate with the coin adapter directly. Example:

// get a hold of the coin adapters
try {
	$adapters = apply_filters( 'wallets_api_adapters', array(), array(
		'check_capabilities' => true,
		'online_only' => true,
	) );
} catch ( Exception $e ) {
	error_log( 'you do not have access to wallets' );

// iterate over all the adapters and get a new address from each wallet
foreach ( $adapters as $symbol => $adapter ) {
	try {
		$address = $adapter->get_new_address();
	} catch ( Exception $e ) {
		error_log( "Could not get a new address for $symbol, because: " . $e->getMessage() );

	error_log( "The new deposit address for $symbol is $address" );
	// TODO you must somehow save the addresses somewhere if you want to use them

Hope this helps.

with regards