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Good to hear that you got everything working now. You should also test with a live deposit to ensure that the notification mechanism is correctly setup.

The plugin does try to retroactively query user deposit addresses for incoming transactions. However this only works if the cron jobs are running on your system. Since you accomplished an internal transfer, they should be running. But it’s worth checking. See Dashboard -> Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets -> Debug -> “Cron jobs last ran on” and “Cron jobs last runtime”. Last ran on should be recent (a few minutes ago) and last runtime should be less than your max PHP execution time.

Unfortunately I don’t have a demo for the exchange at the moment. I may set up one after I finish with wallets6 and the ERC-20 adapter. Some users have set up exchanges, you may find some here: https://www.dashed-slug.net/forums/topic/live-sites-powered-by-the-bitcoin-and-altcoin-wallets-wordpress-plugin/

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