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Hi Alex,

not to worry I have it working now. There were a few assumptions that i had made that were not correct about the functionality of the plugin. These are them:

I has assumed that should I ‘seed’ Joe’s address with some BTC BEFORE going to transaction history that the BTC balance of Joe’s account would show up. This is not the case as the plugin doesn’t retrospectively pull All account transactions from the ‘listtransactions’ command in the Bitcoin core wallet. When running this command i can see all Tx’s with metadata in thejson field and had assumed the plugin would load all of that information. this is not the case.

I had also assumed that the hotwallet balance would also show up should the admin have an account with a balance automatically – this is not the case. So… what i did was ‘seed’ the admin account with the same balance as the hot wallet balance in the myphpadmim/SQL table. this meant that the balance on the hot wallet and the balance of the admin account would then correlate.

on to testing:

i then initiated an internal transfer to Joe which worked like a charm! Along with all its meta data (none of the old TX’s were there, which is fine).

I was also able to transfer from Joes balance to an external wallet to test whether the withdrawal feature would work as well, worked like a charm!

Thanks once again for a great plugin. I am considering a premium subscription to unlock the trading features – do you have a demo that i can see?

Kind Regards