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OK I understand. Here’s how you can hack the code to do this:

1. Before changing the plugin code, read and understand the FAQ section “I want to do changes to the plugin’s code.”.

2. To change the validation code, check out the file: wp-content/plugins/wallets-fiat/assets/scripts/wallets-fiat.js. You want to remove the validation extenders.

For example, where you see:

self.fiatWithdrawRoutingNum       = ko.observable( '' ).extend( {
	validation: [
			validator: function( val ) {
				if ( 'undefined' == typeof( val ) ) {
					// do not show error while initializing the form
					return true;
				if ( self.fiatWithdrawMethod() != 'routing' ) {
					// do not validate this field if not used
					return true;
				return val.match( /^\s*\d{9}\s*$/ );
			message: wallets_fiat_i18n.routingnum_invalid
} );

The above would become:

self.fiatWithdrawRoutingNum = ko.observable( '' );

Ensure that you remove the .extend() parts only, from all observables.

If you edit the JS file, you must also remove the minified version of the file (wallets-fiat-0.6.3-beta.min.js), so that the plugin will choose to load the unminified version. Alternatively, you can minify the edited version yourself.

3. The withdraw template is in wp-content/plugins/wallets-fiat/templates/withdraw.php. You can edit the file yourself, or copy it, or better yet, you can modify the labels using the provided filters, like so:

    function( $label ) {

I think that’s it. Just keep in mind that all of this will soon change and become much easier.

with regards