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Reply To: Setting up a development environment from my live enviroment.

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1. First of all, why are you attempting to edit the secrets directly via the DB? You should be entering the secrets in the plugin’s UI, under the coin adapter settings. Did you encounter problems with this?

2. The secrets are saved as transients, not options. They are not shown in the input boxes, but are used when the coin adapter issues commands to the wallet. So, do not expect to see the input boxes filled.

3. If the plugin and the coin adapter are network-activated, then all transients are saved as site-transients (in the wp_sitemeta table). This is what it looks like:

SELECT * FROM wp_sitemeta WHERE meta_key LIKE '%rpc-password%';
| meta_id | site_id | meta_key                                                     | meta_value        |
|   31930 |       1 | _site_transient_trtl-ARMS-settings-rpc-password              | a2coinrpcpassword |

Check to see if your password is saved in this table.

If not, it’s possible that the coin adapter is both network-active AND active on a single site in your network: Network-deactivate the adapter, check on each site to see if you also need to deactivate the adapter, and then, network-activate the adapter.

4. If you cannot connect, it may be due to some other reason. For example, if you’ve transferred the wallet to another site, the wallet file will be different. If you want to use the live wallet in your dev environment, you must rename the file to match the name of your dev machine.

5. Since you mentioned that the adapter can’t connect to the wallet, what is the error message that you see in Wallets -> Adapters -> Adapter Status?

If the above didn’t help, let me know and provide as much information on the above points as possible.

Thank you.

with regards