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Hello, that’s a good question. Short answer: maybe!

It’s hard to promise things so far into the future when things in crypto move so fast.

We are still a few months away from wallets6 and several months away from an ERC-20 wallet adapter.

The way I understand it, the Binance chain is a not-so-decentralized blockchain that came to prominence due to the currently high network fees on Ethereum. As EIP-1559 (and taproot) are rolled out, the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks will become less congested. This may negate the need for Binance chain, or maybe everyone and everything will move to Cardano or Polkadot. Or maybe Metamask integration will be the top thing that everyone asks for. Or people will go back to Bitcoin and start issuing coins on Counterparty. Who knows? At the time when I’ll be finished with the ERC-20 wallet adapter, we will be living in a different world, and I don’t know which chain will be on highest demand at the time. So I defer the decision until then.

What is certain is that I won’t ever be able to build adapters for all the chains myself. Ultimately my goal is to make wallets6 more developer-friendly, so people can build their own adapters. Developer friendly means well-engineered, with clearer documentation, stable APIs, a solid testing framework, and concise code snippets and examples.

Right now I’m focusing on finishing wallets6. This will be the basis of all that is to come. After 9 months of development it’s coming along great and it will only be a few months until it’s released. After ERC-20 I will see what is needed most at the time.

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