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In continuation to our previous discussion,

Unfortunately this is even less information than before.

If you want me to look at this issue again, please provide at least one of the following two things:

1. Clear instructions on how to reproduce the issue

Please see points 1 – 5 at https://www.dashed-slug.net/forums/topic/negative-aviable-balance-after-trade/#post-10275

I would need to see the base and quote balances of both users before and after the transaction, AND a screenshot of the trades under “Wallets” -> “Transactions” at a minimum.

2. An SQL dump of the transaction and trade data for the two users.

For example, if the trade was between users 123 and 321 and between coins with tickers ABC and XYZ, you could issue the following into the MySQL console:

select * from wp_wallets_txs where account in (123,321) and symbol in ('ABC','XYZ');

select * from wp_wallets_orders where account in (123,321) and ( base_symbol in ('ABC','XYZ') or quote_symbol in ('ABC','XYZ') );

Do not worry about sharing personal data – there are none. The users here are just integer numbers. This is not going to be a GDPR problem.

If you can provide either one of the above, then I can investigate the issue again.

Thank you

with regards