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Thank you for the additional details. This is a lot clearer.

As you pointed out, this is expected behavior:

A “market sell” order sells against the most favorable buy orders on the orderbook (for more information see here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/marketorder.asp). The price field that you’ve set is for limit orders, but it is not used because you issued a market order.

In the UIs that come with the exchange this would be apparent. But with these modified UI templates, it is not apparent that the price is only for limit orders and not for market orders. This is because the two UIs are joined into one (market sell and limit sell).

I think you should aim to redesign the UI, so that your users are not confused. It should somehow be clear from the UI, that the “price” field is for limit orders only, and that market orders are not related to the price field.

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