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I have tested the situation you describe with USD_BTC on my end and the exchange appears to function correctly.

In your example, user A has placed an ask order for 10 BTC at a price of $10, with a total order amount of $100.

User B has $1000 in their balance. The current USD_BTC price is $10. User B clicks on the “max” button in the limit buy form, and then clicks on “limit buy btc”. Α bid order is placed on the orderbook for 100BTC at the same price, i.e. for a total of $1000. The order from user A is filled. User B gives $100 to user A. User A gives 10 BTC to user B. The orderbook now has an unfilled bid order for 90 BTC at a price of $10, for a total of $900.

To inspect the orderbook, see the shortcodes: [wallets_exchange_bids] and [wallets_exchange_asks].

Please check a couple of things:

1. Is it possible that, when creating the markets, you mixed up the base and the quote currencies?


The ordering is different from that of most exchanges, for historical reasons that are hard to change right now. “Buy” means buy the quote currency by paying its value in the base currency, and “Sell” means sell the quote currency and get its value in the base currency.

So let me know if you are certain that you’ve set the base and quote coins correctly. I tested with a “USD_BTC” market.

2. Additionally, I see that you are using modified templates. What other code is modified? What version is your copy of the exchange based on? The latest version is 1.3.7.

I can try to help, but it’s very hard to provide support without knowing what was modified (See FAQ under “I want to do changes to the plugin’s code.”)

3. Is it possible for you to test if this occurs with the unmodified exchange 1.3.7?

with regards