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If the available balance is negative, but the user balance is positive or zero, then all is good.

As mentioned above, simply cancel any pending outgoing transactions for that user. And also cancel any exchange orders for that user. The user can place these transactions again.

I have now uploaded version 5.0.14 of Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets and version 1.1.2 of the Monero coin adapter. With this patch, if a withdrawal fails due to a phpcurl timeout, the withdrawal is marked as done even if there is no available TXID. This will prevent any more double-spends.

Again, my apologies for this issue with withdrawals. It is something that I could not have tested for, because the issue was caused partly by network conditions that were not present when I tested the adapter, and because I only tested on Monero and TurtleCoin. Since withdrawals were repeated, more funds have been sent to the user than they should. I sincerely hope that this did not result in loss of too many funds 🙁

If you have a suggestion for the UI, please open a new thread about it. I no longer accept any feature requests/suggestions, only defects. But if it’s something easy I may be able to do it for the next version. And if not, then I can instruct you on how to edit the template files.

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