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Reply To: Integrating Bitcoin and Altcoin wallet plugin with woocommerce



Users with an account on your site can deposit funds to their account. These funds are now in your site’s hot wallets, but users still have access to it, so that they can withdraw it again. The plugin’s ledger keeps a copy of these transactions on your MySQL DB so that the user accounts are debited on deposits and credited on withdrawals.

Once users have a balance, they can go to your WooCommerce store and purchase goods. On checkout, they choose which crypto balance to use. Since you have already set up exchange rates, the plugin knows the exchange rate between each crypto coin and your store’s base currency. So the price of each product can be estimated in the various cryptocurrencies on your site. A user will only be able to select a cryptocurrency if they hold enough balance to pay for the entire cart.

On checkout, the funds are transferred internally, (i.e. via off-chain transaction that only exists on your DB) to your designated shop owner account. You set what this user account is in the payment gateway’s settings page. You will likely want this to be your admin account. This account can then withdraw funds to an external wallet, such as an exchange, where you can sell your crypto for fiat.

Hope this is clear.

If you plan on using this gateway, take the time to study the entire homepage for the extension. See also “how does the user pay?” in the FAQ section.

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