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Please tell me the following:

1. You mentioned that “This is for only one coin (this where i have a lot of problems with)”. Do you mean that you also use other coins based on turtlecoin that work fine, and only NimbusCoin has this issue? Or are your other coins based on another coin adapter?

2. You mentioned that “transaction goes through the chain”. How did you determine this? Did you check using the wallet cli?

3. If you increase the HTTP timeout for the coin adapter does this help with the withdrawals? You can specify the HTTP timeout for your adapter at Wallets -> (your turtlecoin adapter) -> “HTTP Adapter Settings” -> “HTTP request timeout (seconds)”

4. In the withdrawal failure email, next to the message “Failed to perform withdrawal due to: phpcurl could not communicate with NimboCoin wallet.”, was there any error code or not?

Thank you.

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