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OK, this discussion is getting somewhat confusing for me, so please allow me to summarize the points I am not sure about. Please try to answer all of the questions carefully in as much detail as possible so I can understand.

1. You mentioned that a user has 1250 coins from the faucet and has never deposited funds. You mentioned also that his wallet file showed over 10 million coins. Can you please explain what you mean by this? The wallet file is there to back the balances of all users, not just one user. Can you please summarize, from the beginning, why you believe that there is a problem with this user’s balance? Why do you think that this user has performed a withdrawal, if there is no withdrawal in the plugin’s ledger? Could it be that the withdrawals you see in the hot wallet are from other users?

2. When you issued a curl API call to the /transactions/hash endpoint, you got back details on a specific blockchain transaction. This is unrelated to any user balances. Could this be a withdrawal initiated by another user?

3. Furthermore, as mentioned before, the available balance will be less that the user balance, if the user has pending outgoing transactions, or if the user has placed orders on the exchange. Is this the case for your user? Did you check?

4. I have mentioned that there is no one-to-one correlation between address balances on the blockchain and user balances, because of off-chain transactions. Can you please confirm if you understand this, or if you want me to explain it further?

5. Can you please explain what you meant by “because this withdraw i did in a “separate” wallet files, restored with keys to try something out”?

6. Are you only experiencing issues with withdrawals from one user? Do other users have no problems with withdrawals? Did withdrawals succeed in your integration/test environment or during development of your site?

To summarize, unfortunately I do not know if I can help you in this situation. There are too many moving parts here.

What I would do in your situation would be this:

– Stop hacking the database and restore the DB backup.
– Move all the funds out of the hot wallet.
– Remove the empty wallet file (but keep it somewhere safe just in case!).
– Let the adapter create a new wallet file for the site.
– Move the funds into the base address of this new wallet file. Do not use any user deposit addresses for this.
– Click on Wallets -> Adapters -> (your adapter) -> Renew deposit addresses.
– Refrain from performing other transactions with this wallet file. Only move funds to and from the cold storage wallet if needed.

This should ensure no more problems from now on. If you encounter an issue with withdrawals after doing this, do not edit the database, and notify me immediately. Let’s solve one issue at a time, so we know what we’re doing.

with regards