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What you are describing is the expected behavior. If you place a new done withdrawal, then that will affect the user’s balance AND available balance.

I think there is a misunderstanding here, so let me explain what the available balance is:

If you enter a new transaction (categories deposit,withdraw,move,trade) in the done state for a user, it will affect the user balance. The available balance is simply the user balance minus any funds locked in pending outgoing transactions (pending withdrawals and/or pending internal transfers to other users), or in open orders if you are using the exchange extension: For example, say the user has 10 coins. Now the user has placed a pending withdrawal of 1 coin, and has placed a sell order for another 2 coins in a market, so now the available balance will be 7 coins. If later, the exchange order is cancelled, and the withdrawal fails or is cancelled, then the user’s balance will stay at 10, and the user’s available balance will again be 10 coins. Instead, if the withdrawal succeeds and the order gets filled, the users balance will become 7 coins and the available balance will stay at 7. Hope this is clearer.

My suggestion is this:

1. First determine what the problem is: Do you think that a withdrawal or other transaction was not recorded in the plugin’s ledger? If so, why was that? Was there a crash? Don’t try to fix a problem you don’t understand because you can make it worse.

2. Once you determine what information is missing from the database and why, only then edit the database.

I don’t know what happened on your system. First determine what transactions you think the user did, and which ones are missing and why. If you can do that, I can tell you how to reinsert the data to the DB.

with regards