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Reply To: Repair a missing withdrawal TXID

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If this is a test or integration system, it’s much easier to start from scratch.

The second problem is likely tied to the first one: If a user withdrew some funds and this is now not reflected in the DB, then of course the hot wallet balance would be less than the total of user balances. Another likelihood is if the withdrawal fee that you set in the plugin is less than the actual transaction fee paid. Again, just delete everything and start from scratch.

If you know exactly which withdrawal is missing, and you are sure that this is your only problem, then sure, you can insert it into the DB using an insert statement. It would look something like:

INSERT INTO wp_wallets_txs(category,account,address,txid,symbol,amount,fee,status,created_time,updated_time)

where you’d replace all the $variables with the actual values for that transaction.

What I’d do is this:

1. Keep a backup of the DB.

2. Try inserting the withdrawal manually.

3. If things look good, great.

4. If not, start again with a new wallet. Delete all rows in the transactions table and addresses table with symbol equal to your coin’s symbol. Only deposit funds using user deposit addresses. Only withdraw funds using the plugin. If you do this, there won’t be any inconsistencies.

Let me know if you need further help with this.

with regards