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OK, found the bug. This was not as complex as I previously thought, and had nothing to do with race conditions.

Previously, withdrawals could appear doubled. Fortunately, this would NOT have resulted in actual funds being lost from the hot wallet.

However, the bug would make user balances appear less than they should, because withdrawals would appear doubled in the plugins ledger.

With version 1.1.1 this cannot happen any more. I have tested deposits and withdrawals again and everything looks good. I do not believe you will experience any more problems with this coin adapter.

If you need to correct the plugin’s ledger, here’s how to do this: For each TXID, there are two withdrawals. The first one (the one with the lower ID) is the correct one. The second one (the one with the higher ID) is a withdrawal to another address in your hot wallet. This can be safely deleted.

Again thanks for your help and your patience while I worked on this issue.

with regards